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Indonesia Legal Network

Founded in 2019, ILN has evolved into a law firm with the most experienced and experienced lawyers in the industry.

ILN is experienced and dedicated to the full achievement of the objectives of its clients. We help our clients achieve their main goals by providing strategic advice, and creative support with quick responses all the time.

Our Company

ILN is a corporate law firm in Indonesia and a trusted partner for each of our clients’ problems.

Our Lawyer

ILN lawyers in Indonesia and expatriates are appreciated for their expertise, insight, professionalism, and commitment in meeting clients’ needs.

Our Expertise

ILN’s expertise covers all important areas of law and has been honed to meet the legal needs of our clients.

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The Advantages of Our Law Firm

We help you get legal guidance and enlightenment from credible advocate partners, at measurable and transparent prices. To date 100+ people have consulted with our consultants on various issues.

Qualified and Commercial

We are committed to providing high quality and commercially reasonable services to clients and strive to provide our legal services in a timely and cost effective manner.


We respect the trust of our clients and will provide the best level of expertise to maintain client trust.

Professional and Insightful

We are committed to providing high quality legal services, excellent industry insights, and in-depth knowledge of local markets. We invest significant resources in understanding clients’ businesses and their strategic objectives.

Cases Handled

Our Consultants


Our Client Satisfaction

Corporate & Investment Law

ILN provides legal services to your business. We put the company’s legal regulatory framework into business / commercial solutions. Our expertise in the corporate legal sector includes corporate structuring and restructuring, business licenses, investments, corporate finance, acquisitions and more.

Tax Adviser

ILN provides ongoing consulting services on tax issues faced by your company for a certain period of time. This service can be done by mail, facsimile, email, teleconference, or a direct meeting with our consultant team. This is to give your company the best solution for the tax problems faced.


ILN has a well-known reputation for bankruptcy representatives. We intensively guide our clients, corporate clients or individuals who are considering filing for bankruptcy. Our bankruptcy specialists are experts in bankruptcy law, local court rules and procedures.

Tax Disputes

ILN provides tax dispute consultation services, this service to assist your company in settling tax disputes such as objections to tax assessment notices, appeals against tax objection decisions, and tax review applications to the Supreme Court.

Advocates and Law Offices

Our Other Expertise?

Closer to our team of professionals in handling your problems, we are ready to help with extensive legal experience and provide the best legal services for you.

Our Advantages compared to other Advocates

Why Choose Us?

  • Have a professional legal consultant with integrity,
  • Fast, responsive, and easily accessible than other companies,
  • Have a commitment to provide high quality legal services to clients and
  • Provide the best service for our clients.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need a more complete legal service?

ILN currently serves:

  • Legal consultation via telephone
  • Face to face consultation
  • Document preparation and review
  • Legal / legal contract
  • Legal assistance

Face-to-face consultation, legal document review & preparation, and legal assistance can be provided after you consult by telephone. Don’t worry, the costs you pay for consulting via telephone will be a discount / deduction for the further service fees you or

What is the privacy of my data?

ILN highly respects and maintains the confidentiality and integrity of any information you provide, including identity, legal issues, location, contacts, and other information. We always try to apply the best security measures for information security on our platform. All existing data will only be used for service purposes only. You can also disguise your name if desired.

How do I schedule a consultation?
  1. Select a legal problem category and find an appropriate consultant.
  2. Choose the time and duration of the consultation according to your preferences.
  3. Select the payment method and immediately make a payment.
  4. The ILN team will contact you immediately after payment is complete.
  5. After consulting by telephone, you can choose the recommended advanced services. Advanced services:
    1. Face to face consultation
    2. Making and reviewing legal documents
    3. Legal assistance

“Litigation processes such as tax audits, appeal objections or reconsideration often take a lot of time and can affect your focus on doing business. We can help you throughout the process, ensuring the process runs according to existing mechanisms and striving for the best results for your case.”


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